Master All Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Styles and Sing Your Favorite Classic Blues Songs

Jim Bruce guitar lessons guide students through all major fingerpicking techniques

Jim Bruce playing acoustic blues on the street

Learn Complex Fingerstyle Blues Guitar the Easy Way

Playing AND singing acoustic blues seems a daunting task. And performing in front of an audience can be torture – what if you mess up the fingerpicking? It’s common to reach that ‘plateau’, where it seems you’re not progressing.

“Fingerstyle acoustic blues seems just too hard!” This is the number 1 reason why students stop learning to play the blues. Some of the more advanced fingerstyle patterns seem too complex and out of reach. 

Jim’s lessons are specifically designed to build technique on a strong foundation using close-up clips and on-screen tablature. Tips on improvisation and how to make your songs come alive add that ‘secret sauce’ resulting from years of working as a travelling bluesman.

Why Should You Choose the Jim Bruce 'Texas To The Delta' acoustic blues lessons pack?

Play Any Blues Style

All acoustic blues fingerpicking styles included: 

Reproduce Your Favorite Songs

37 songs all major acoustic blues artists, including:

Play & Sing Confidently

Jim’s lessons build firm foundations:

What Do Students Say?

Jim Bruce - blues maestro

A great player and a great teacher. This man loves the guitar and the music it makes. Breaking the licks down to easily learned sections will let you learn to play the music you love better than ever. It has for me. Keep teachin' that pickin' Jim. You truly are the man.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Angus MacLeod
Angus MacLeod
Changed The Way I Play

Jim's clear, concise, and focused teaching style breaks down the most complicated musical passages into bite size pieces that are accessible to all players... his teaching has changed the way I play blues guitar!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

C.S. (Blue In Vermont)
C.S. (Blue In Vermont)
VergennesVermont, USA
Learning Ragtime

Jim gives us the foundation needed to play ragtime. I am thankful for his Blind Blake lesson collection, he teaches complete complicated songs from start to finish and breaks it down making learning easier. Go Jim! Highly recommended!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Richard William Hulett
Richard William Hulett

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From Texas To The Delta Course

Was $217 – Today $59

Amazing Value

As a visual learner, I love being able to watch Jim's fingerings over and over ... you have to study his left hand to master a turnaround like the one in “Reap What You So”. His tips for singing while playing are also very valuable. Excellent instruction, fantastic music, amazing value. If the cost of this course was $250, I’d still call it amazing value.

Ken Palmer
Ken Palmer
Unlocked The Blues

I've been trying to play 'Love in Vain by Robert Johnson for a long time. (I've had the tab for 20 years!) To my surprise, your lesson made sense and I was playing it fluently in a couple of weeks.

Bottom line is you handed me the key for next to nothing THANK YOU! 

Jeff Harisson
Jeff Harisson
Pro. Performer
Phenomenal Instruction

Phenomenal instructional materials. As an intermediate player, these courses were exactly what I was looking for to get a much better grounding in the blues and to add some great pieces to my repertoire.

Jim's videos are the perfect complement to the tabs.

Jim Peters
Jim Peters

Frequently Asked Questions

Very simply. Request a refund by mailing with title ‘Refund’. You don’t need a reason and there will be no questions asked. The refund will be done within hours.

No, it requires some experience of chords and basic fingerpicking skills in any style.

The collection of lessons are all stand-alone. There is no particular path or order in which to learn each lessons. They are loosely grouped by style and artist.

Any guitar will do, as long as you’re comfortable with it, but a good quality steel-strung guitar will help you to create an authentic classic acoustic blues sound.

I use fingerpicks for some songs and bare fingers for others. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re comfortable and can accurately pick the strings.

Address all questions to and I’ll try to answer as soon as I can.

Here's What You Get Inside

'From Texas To The Delta' Guitar Course

Try Out These Mini-Lessons Below

Lesson 1: Bad Whisky Blues by Smoky Babe

This is the roots of the blues: telling the story of a hard everyday life with music. It’s played in open G with an unusual syncopated picking style coupled with sporadic use of the bottleneck.

Lesson 2: Hard Time Killin' Floor by Skip James

Skip James was an unusual bluesman with a delicate feel for the guitar and unusual, complex melodies that suited his high-pitched voice.

Lesson 3: I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Seasick Steve does an amazing job of interpreting this old standard country song made famous by Hank Williams, giving it a soulful blues feel at the same time.

From Texas To The Delta Course

Was $217 – Today $59


'Texas To The Delta' Lessons Review - Down Home Blues Magazine

Who is Jim Bruce?

Jim has been fingerpicking acoustic blues guitar for over 50 years. As a working bluesman, he has travelled and played in the US, Canada and across Europe.

The lessons present all the tips and tricks learned while playing the blues in bars, clubs, private parties and on the street. His teaching technique is close and personal, while being so accurate they have won awards.

Many of the lessons simply can’t be found elsewhere and represent an accurate copy of the guitar styles of classic blues giants like Big Bill Broonzy, Robert Johnson and Blind Blake.

Texas To The Delta – Overall Impression

At first hearing, Ragtime and blues fingerstyle guitar sounds complicated, and some of it is. The syncopation in fingerstyle blues, especially ragtime, may seem complex to the ear, but it can actually be achieved with the simple techniques that Jim teaches. To learn this style, the best approach is to dive right in and start learning some blues songs, with careful guidance.

However, this is not recommended for absolute beginners. If you have intermediate guitar skills and can comfortably play common chord shapes and rhythms, you should be able to learn acoustic ragtime blues. All you need is the desire to practice and improve.

“When I started learning ragtime blues fingerpicking, there weren’t many instructional videos available. I learned by listening and using tablature from books. The biggest challenge for me was figuring out where to place my fingers on the fretboard.”

Exactly what do you get ‘inside the box’ ?

The course provides 38 MP4 format videos that can be downloaded, each featuring a complete fingerstyle tune that is separated into phrases. The videos offer close-ups of both the left and picking hand. 

Jim provides explanations of how each tune is played and also adds useful tips. Every video comes with a separate pdf TAB that shows the chord shapes, and each TAB area is displayed on the screen in the video.

The course covers various artists such as Robert Johnson and Blind Blake, and it also teaches basic tunings, open G bottleneck, and open D. This provides sufficient range to cover various blues styles, from the bouncy ragtime feel of Blind Blake to the more traditional blues structures of Lightnin’ Hopkins and Floyd Council.

If you have a real desire to learn how to play fingerstyle blues, there is no better way than to start learning some tunes. This is great for quickly expanding your repertoire and improving your blues fingerstyle technique.

Overall, Jim’s course is one of the best value online guitar tuition available. You get 12 hours worth of videos showing you how to play all the tunes, and most importantly, you get high-quality guitar tuition for a style that is not widely available on the internet. Many other downloadable lessons are simply rehashed material priced at three times their worth.

Is there a guarantee?

Jim offers a cash back policy without any questions asked if you’re not satisfied with his guitar lessons. In my opinion, he probably doesn’t have many unhappy customers. The sales are managed through Gumroad, which makes me feel confident that my information is secure.

If you’re interested in learning fingerstyle blues guitar, Jim’s course is hard to beat, and I’m happy to recommend it. What caught my attention was the course’s high-quality, authentic feel. In the world of online guitar tutorials, you often get what you pay for, but Jim’s course is a good investment.

A Final Word From Jim ...

I have no formal musical training and learned to play acoustic blues fingerstyle guitar by ear, purely out of love for it. During my learning period (mid-70s) just about the only method available was to keep lifting the stylus off a record and keep repeating it until you got it right!

The tuition books and tapes at that time didn’t seem to give the whole story about the how the guitar sounds were made, so I began tabulating the complex styles of Blind Blake, Gary Davis and Big Bill Broonzy – I wanted to reproduce their guitar styles as faithfully as possible, to recreate the authentic old sounds.

Basically, I teach the way I learned – copying complex finger patterns and playing a passage very slowly until I can play it at the right speed. In the video lessons I play a short passage at the correct speed before slowing it right down with on-screen tablature. This way it’s very clear what each hand is doing , which maximizes and accelerates learning.

This method ensures that all the little movements that the old blues players made are captured, which makes for an authentic sound. It doesn’t just sound ‘bluesy’ – it IS the blues.

Jim Bruce

From Texas To The Delta Course

Was $217 – Today $59

"40 years I've been trying to play the guitar, with some ups and many downs. With Jim I've come across someone who not only teaches me the technique of playing the guitar, but learns me to put my soul into it. And after 40 years (some are quicker than others) I'm finally getting into the "feeling" of the blues guitar and the blues music. All thanks to Jim."
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Jeff Harisson