" From Texas To The Delta Blues Guitar Course "
The Road To Learning The Real Blues

Jim Bruce was voted N°1 Top Internet Acoustic Blues Guitar Instructor 2013

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Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside 'From Texas To The Delta' Guitar Course

  • 37 Complete Video Lessons Including PDF Tablature Files
  • More Than 750 Minutess Of Detailed Tuition
  • Instant Downloads After Payment
  • Plus Videos Streamed On Demand On The Internet
  • Bonus MP3 Albums - Blind Blake, Jim Bruce and Ken Mayall

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From Texas To The Delta Course

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“ Jim Bruce is one of those rare individuals whose talent for playing genuine old-time guitar is matched only by his gift for conveying that knowledge to others.”

Pasha Saleh, Potomac, Maryland, USA

(Pasha is pictured at the grave of Big Bill Broonzy in South Chicago)

What Do Students Say?

“Dear Jim, I just wanted to write and tell you my thoughts on your lessons - they are better than any of the YouTube acoustic blues lessons that are teasers for professional videos that I've seen (and this includes some of the major finger style publications).

I find that your method, thoroughness, quality, and personable style not to mention the sheer bulk of songs make your package incredible value.”

Robert J, George


“Jim's clear, concise, and focused teaching style breaks down the most complicated musical passages into bite size pieces that are accessible to all players... his teaching has changed the way I play blues guitar!”

C.S. (Blue In Vermont)

Vergennes, Vermont, USA

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From Texas To The Delta Course

Was 217 Today $69


by Fred Solokov,

Well organized and clear instructions

The format Jim Bruce uses is like sitting in your living room and having a good friend show you lick by lick how to play a song. This is how I learned to play many years ago, as I expect many of you did, too. The tabs are simple and accurate, and he combines them with close ups of the left and right hands so there is no guessing. And the songs are classics, a very nice study of fingerstyle blues. Thanks, Jim.

    by Michael Swift, ·

  • Improved my music

    I have been playing fingerstyle guitar for years. I signed up for this class already knowing some of the songs, but wanting different twists. I have been most pleasantly rewarded. Jim's approach has improved my playing, and his breaks are a welcome addition. I find that I take his input, mix it up a bit with my own style, and end up sounding better. A highly recommended course for seasoned players, and likely a godsend for those who haven't played much at all. thanks!

    by Richard William Hulett,
  • Learning Ragtime

    We are so lucky to have the guidence from Jim to learn this old style of music. He gives us the foundation needed to play ragtime. I am thankful for his blind blake lesson collection, he teaches complete complicated songs from start to finish and breaks it down making learning easier. Go Jim! Highly recommended!

  • by SAIDJI Ali,

    A true lover of blues and a very accurate teacher

    Jim Bruce not only succeeds in making you sharing his love of blues by his simplicity and obvious kindness but teaches you as well the accurate technics of the old masters of blues. He makes you discover some bluesmen who have unfortunately not the fame they deserve and show you how exactly they played.

    A thousand thanks to Jim

  • by Angus MacLeod,

    Jim Bruce acoustic blues maestro

    A great player and a great teacher. This man loves the guitar and the music it makes. Breaking the licks down to easily learned sections will let you learn to play the music you love better than ever. It has for me. Keep teachin' that pickin' Jim. You truly are the man.

  • by David Ng, ·

    Great lessons!

    Jim is a great teacher. Straightforward, clear and clearly passionate about the blues. The lessons are well tabbed and essy to follow. Jim often gives alternative versions or licks - ones he plays on the street which are also helpful in finding other ways to play the song. Great value. Great course!

  • by Randy Paulson, ·

    Dedicated bluesman

    The Brits have had a long love affair with American blues. As a lifelong resident of Chicago, I was startled to discover in the 60s at 13 years of age the music I was listening to from England (primarily electric blues as played by Peter Green, Jeremy Spencer and Eric Clapton) was originally from my hometown, albeit the "other side of the tracks."

    Jim clearly has a love affair with all forms of acoustic blues, and it shows with these easy to follow transcriptions. I only wish they were also transcribed into standard notation as well as the tab he provides. A small nit, but don't let it stop you from making the investment in his course. It's worth every penny. The tune selection is extensive and outstanding.

    Thanks for keeping indigenous American music alive Jim.

  • by Kenneth Sweet, ·

    Love the course

    Thanks Jim,for putting this course together. I have purchased several ,guitar instructional dvd's and your course is the best. Really like the way you explain each bar and lick and the singing really helps on the timing.

    Thanks again

    Tennessee HillBilly

  • by Sean Rosewarne, ·

    Great value to learn acoustic fingerstyle Blues

    Thanks Jim for a comprehensive learning tool to study acoustic blues guitar. Awesome range of material to choose from. Good instruction and well broken down to easy to learn sections. Good examples of how the songs should sound - and obviously a seasoned performer. This is for the intermediate player though, but if you know your basic chords and are prepared to put the effort in, I'm sure you will get there. Video is polished and while not shot in a studio, is very good. Easy to see everything he does. If you only learn one song from this course it is money well spent, but I'm sure if you get this, you will learn more than one song.

  • by Darrell Taylor, ·

    It's not what you play but how you play it. And here you learn how to play it right.

    I've seen finger style guitar made to hard by many teachers, but this course gets you playing and doesn't leave you frustrated because you will get results and have fun.